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UK Consumer Data - Buy a Consumer Database

At The Data Warehouse, we specialize in not just providing UK consumer data but in delivering a transformative experience for businesses through our meticulously curated data and lead generation strategies. Our commitment to precision and compliance sets a higher industry standard, ensuring that every consumer database we offer is of the highest quality, backed by accuracy and reliability.


Precision and Compliance as Our Hallmarks

We firmly abide by the principle of “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice,” recognizing the pitfalls of investing in subpar, inaccurate data that not only wastes time but also depletes valuable resources. Our focus is on nurturing leads and data with proven potential to drive sales, catering to diverse budgets while upholding the integrity of our data. When you secure leads and data from us, it’s a direct path towards heightened sales performance.


Robust Returns on Investment with Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing, aligned with exceptional data quality, creates a formula that guarantees robust returns on investment for our clients. With an average ROI exceeding 500%, we stand as a testament to the fact that investing in quality B2C consumer data pays off in the long run, driving tangible and sustainable results for businesses.


Diverse Industry Expertise with Fresh Marketing Data

Powered by our sophisticated network of call centers, we generate a continuous flow of fresh marketing data that benefits diverse UK industries. From aviation to home improvements, our data marketers bring expertise that spans a range of sectors. Join our growing community of satisfied clients and gain access to a repository of over 10 million UK consumer records, ensuring that your business taps into a wealth of potential leads.


Precision Segmentation of Our Consumer Data

Our data segmentation strategy goes beyond the ordinary, employing various variables to deliver tailored insights that drive effective marketing campaigns:

  • Geographic Segmentation: Precise location and postcode data ensure that your campaigns target specific regions with accuracy.
  • Behavioral Segmentation: Profiles derived from purchasing patterns and usage habits provide nuanced insights into consumer behavior.
  • Demographic Segmentation: Insights encompassing income, job titles, homeownership, and more create a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.
  • Psychographic Segmentation: Insights into hobbies, interests, and lifestyles add a layer of personalization to your campaigns.


High-Demand Consumer Data Categories

With a decade of experience in generating premium consumer data, our expertise spans various industries. Some sought-after categories include:

• Life Insurance
• Construction
• Home Insurance
• Home Improvement
• Automobile & Car Manufacturing
• Private Medical Insurance
• Boiler Installation/Replacement
• White Goods Maintenance
• Solar PV & Batteries
• Energy & Utility

Precision-Crafted Data Lists through Insightful Interactions

Our lead generation experts engage prospects with a diverse range of inquiries. This wealth of information forms the foundation for our industry-specific marketing data lists. In a landscape where quality is paramount, The Data Warehouse stands as the unparalleled choice for B2C data excellence. Secure your data advantage with us today!

B2C Data & Leads
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Marketing Data That Drives Results

Some of Our Most Popular Data Categories:

Consumer Data

Access over 10 million consumer records that can be tailored to any campaign.

Business Data

Over 3 million Business decision makers in our B2B Database.

B2C Email Lists

Highly targeted marketing lists from our consumer email databases.

B2B Email Lists

Get straight into your B2B prospect's inbox with B2B Email Lists.

Health Insurance Leads

Gain access to thousands of PMI customers with Health Insurance Leads or List Data.

Life Insurance Leads

Choose between freshly generated leads, data lists, and live transfer leads

Sky Satellite Leads & List Data

Consumers confirming, they watch SKY TV using a Satellite – Up to 450 Leads...

Utility Switching Leads

Choose between freshly generated leads and high quality data lists.

White Goods Warranty Leads

Consumers confirming the Age & Brand of their Refrigerator via Telephone...

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