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Accurate B2C Data - Reliable Consumer Data Supply

Great quality B2C data is very difficult to find. At the Data Warehouse, we pride ourselves on the data that get results. We have a team of data marketing experts that vet and verify each data record. Therefore, we’re sure of our marketing data’s accuracy and reliability.

All of our databases come with an accuracy and compliance guarantee. We always say ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.’ We don’t waste our time, or your time, with cheap, inaccurate data. Instead, we focus our attention on leads and data that actually generate sales. We still provide data that suits all budget; but we pride ourselves on our data’s integrity. So, when you buy leads and data from us, you can be confident that it leads to more sales.

Our prices are competitive and our quality data we provides our clients with a very healthy return on investment. Our clients see an average ROI of just over 500%.

The Data Warehouse operates a network of multiple call centres that generate fresh marketing data. Our data marketers profile and compile leads for multiple UK industries. We’ve helped find customers in industries from aviation to home improvements.

Join our ever-growing client base and gain access to over 10 Million UK consumer records. See below some of the data lists we have:

How Do We Segment Our Data?

We segment our data by various segmentation variables.

  • Geographic: Segmentation by location and postcode
  • Behavioural: We use purchasing habits and usage to profile records
  • Demographic: Income, job title, homeowners, etc
  • Psychographic: Hobbies, interests


Popular Data Categories

We’ve been generating high quality consumer data for over 10 years. That means that whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely that we’re already experts in that industry.

Some industries are more popular than others. Here are some of most popular ones:

  • Life Insurance
  • Construction
  • Home Insurance
  • Home Improvement
  • Automobile & Car Manufacturing
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Boiler Replacement
  • White Goods Maintenance
  • Solar PV Upgrade
  • Energy & Utility


Our lead generation experts ask prospects a variety of questions. We use this information to create marketing data lists for different industries.


Find out how we can help your business

B2C Data
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All Our Data Is Verified To Enhance Your Performance!

See Below A List Of Our Services:

B2C Data

Gain Access to over 7 million Consumers Records UK Wide Which Have All Been Opted in For Direct

Life Insurance Leads & List Data

Consumers interested in reviewing their existing policy – Up to 450 Generated...

Funeral Plan Leads & List Data

Consumers interested in setting up a pre-paid funeral plan – Up to 250 Generated per day fresh and delivered...

IVA Leads

Consumers interested in setting up a IVA Web Leads – Up to 250 Generated per day fresh and delivered...

Will Writing Leads & List Data

Consumers interested in setting up a Will Writing Leads & List Data – Up to 250 Generated per day fresh and delivered...

Power Of Attorney Leads & List Data

Consumers interested in setting up a Power Of Attorney Leads & List Data – Up to 250 Generated per day fresh and delivered...

Sky Satellite Leads & List Data

Consumers confirming, they watch SKY TV using a Satellite – Up to 450 Leads...

Consumer Energy Switching Leads

We understand that the Energy you choose is very important to you and your company and the quality...

White Goods Warranty Leads

Consumers confirming the Age & Brand of their Refrigerator via Telephone...

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