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Qualified Life Insurance Leads

At The Data Warehouse, we offer a portfolio of life insurance leads to fit a range of marketing campaigns. This wide product offering means that we’re able to cater to a range of brokers, with different skills and experiences.

We qualify all our leads to a high degree. So, even with our most affordable leads, you know that you’re speaking to qualified, legitimate prospects.


How our Life Insurance Lead Generation works:

  • Discovery:  Before we begin, you’ll liase with an account manager. This process is so that we can discuss your objectives for your campaign so we can recommend the best lead product for your needs.
  • Acquisition: We employ a range of lead generation techniques to acquire prospects. This will depend on the type of lead product you buy, but for example, it may be via a phone call from one of our lead generation experts, or digital marketing techniques through our in-house team.
  • Validation: Prior to delivery, each data record undergoes an accuracy and compliance verification. Our production team assess the integrity of the data to make sure that it complies with our accuracy guarantee.
  • Delivery: We deliver all our leads within 24 hours of an order. However, if you buy live transfer leads or fresh, first use leads, then we’ll begin delivering them as soon as we’ve started generating them.


Why Opt for The Data Warehouse?

  • Over a Decade of Experience: With more than a decade of experience catering to Life Insurance Brokers, we possess in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of your industry.
  • Wide-Ranging Product Selection: Our product offerings are meticulously tailored to accommodate diverse requirements, providing you with the flexibility needed to address your specific needs effectively.
  • Daily Generation of 3,500 Exclusive Life Insurance Leads: With our daily generation of exclusive leads, you can be assured of a consistent and substantial flow of potential clients.


Exclusive, First Use Life Insurance Leads

Our exclusive life insurance leads are generated specifically for your campaign. We generate these in one of our experienced lead generation call centres. To initiate this process, we gather insights about your business and target customer base and use them to formulate profiling criteria that guide our agents in generating leads. During the generation process, we’ll qualify prospects based on a criteria that you agreed with your account manager. Usually, we ask between 5 and 7 questions so that you have incredibly qualified and accurate data.


Live Transfer Life Insurance Leads

All our live transfer leads come with a Quote Guarantee. So, if you can’t quote the lead, you won’t pay!

These leads are our hottest and most qualified lead. We handle all the lead generation and when the prospect is ready to buy, we transfer them directly to you. As a result, conversion rates on these types of lead are sky-high, often exceeding 35%!

Just like any other lead product, we’ll agree prior to the campaign who and what you’re targeting. Then, we’ll go ahead and find those leads for you, get them ready to buy and transfer them. All you have to do is worry about making the sale.


Life Insurance Data Lists

For sizeable sales teams, life insurance data lists often emerge as the smart choice. This preference is driven by a desire for affordability and impressive return-on-investment. We make certain that our data lists are accurate and reliable. That’s why so many life brokers depend on them for their lead generation.

Life insurance data lists are the ultimate high volume strategy. We have hundreds of learnings from these types of campaigns which mean that every time our clients see an even better ROI.

Just like any of our lead products, we  profile records based on age, demographics, policy provider, and term length. So, you still get exactly what you’re after, just tonnes more of them! Additionally, our databases includes first-use, second-use, and multiple-use data records spanning a period of 3 to 12 months. So depending on how experienced and qualified your team is, there’s a different option for everyone.

Experienced Lead Generation Provider for a Reason

There’s a reason why we’ve been doing this so long.

In conclusion, The Data Warehouse is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of life insurance lead generation. Whether you opt for our exclusive leads, hotkeys, or data lists, our commitment to excellence and a results-driven approach ensures that your brokerage thrives in this competitive landscape. Entrust your lead generation needs to us, and experience the transformative power of dependable, high-quality life insurance leads.

Life Insurance Leads
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