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How do you collect data?

Data must be collected fairly and compliantly. Since 2018, GDPR regulations have tightened the rules around data acquisition for the better. Now, proof of recipient opt-ins is vital when buying data to ensure that you’ll be contacting people who are actually interested in hearing from you.
One of the most important questions when suppling new data is finding where it’s been sourced from. Where the data is collected is a huge indicator of quality and reliability.
At The Data Warehouse, our leads and data are collected from our own unique brand landing pages and our network of call centres offshore.


What is GDPR data?

GDPR is legislation enacted by the European Union in May 2018, outlining new data guidelines which forces data suppliers to comply with strict regulations. It’s a move that’s cleaned up the industry and forced a lot of the businesses that smeared the industry’s reputation out of business.
There’s never any excuse not to comply to GDPR standards. If you find a non-GDPR compliant business, don’t buy data from them. Compliance is the responsibility is on the supplier.


Do The Data Warehouse comply with GDPR?

Absolutely! Rest assured that The Data Warehouse will always be 100% GDPR & PECR Compliant. We always stay up-to-date with the UK Data Protection Laws to ensure that we remain compliant and provide a better quality product for our clients.
We’re always able to provide proof of Opt-Ins of where we obtained any of our consumer information and consent to be contacted for direct marketing purposes.
It’s absolutely essential that you buy GDPR compliant data and all of our data will always comply.


What age data should I buy?

As a general rule of thumb, the older the data the less relevant, and therefore the less effective it will be. 12 months is the absolute maximum age of data that we recommend. In most cases, this is due to budget concerns. Beyond a year, you risk contacting consumers whose circumstances have changed or worst case, you may be purchasing contact information that is obsolete.
The age of our data varies depending on our clients’ budget and who they’re targeting. We supply data that has been generated anywhere between 24hours and 12 months.


Will I be the first to use the data?

At The Data Warehouse, it’s totally up to you. We’re able to supply first, second, and third use data.
Our clients often choose first use, otherwise known as exclusive data in order to maximise conversions. This means that you’ll be the only person to contact that lead.
If multiple use data is purchased, then that contact will only be contacted by you; however, they may have been contacted previously to your purchase of the data.


What is a Lead Generation service?

Lead generation is a technique used to attract new customers and boost sales by bringing qualified potential customers into a business’s sales funnel. Lead Generation service providers, such as The Data Warehouse, specialise in consulting, managing, and supplying market data to businesses so that they can run effective marketing campaigns.


Am I a B2C & B2B Business?

B2C is an acronym for Business-to-Consumer, whereas B2B stands for Business-to-Business. If your business is targeting commercial customers you’ll a business and will require B2B data. But if your business is selling to members of the public, B2C data is what you’ll require.


High Quality or High Volume data?

Generally speaking, it’s best to always prioritise data quality. To some degree, telemarketing and email marketing campaigns do require large volume since small quantities of data are often not an accurate representation of the dataset. In these cases, volume is important. However, without making certain obsolete, inaccurate or duplicated data is routinely removed from your dataset, a marketing campaign will always struggle to make a healthy return-on-your-investment.


How to get better leads?

It may be tempting to play a numbers game; however, that’s not how most of the successful campaigns we work on get started. In most cases, campaigns built around sourcing high quality data see the best results.
Cleanse your data before you begin a campaign. If you’re left with fewer leads than you hoped, there’s no need to worry. A tried and tested option is purchasing more high quality data from an experienced data supplier, such as The Data Warehouse, Direct Data Squad, or Consumer Data Supply.


How experienced are The Data Warehouse?

A high priority question to ask any data provider is in regards to experience. Any business that delivers results will have plenty of experience and be happy to show you a portfolio of their work.
For instance, at The Data Warehouse, we’ve worked with and delivered results for some of the largest companies across the UK, including Royal Mail, Jaguar Land Rover, EDF energy and BT. Across our team, we have over two decades of experience in supplying high performance, highly profiled data and delivering great results and high ROIs.

What Do Our Clients Get?
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0 (5 x Initial Investment Minimum) Average ROI
0 Data Opted In To Date (Consumer Data)
0 Satisfied Customers

Marketing Data That Drives Results

Some of Our Most Popular Data Categories:

Consumer Data

Access over 10 million consumer records that can be tailored to any campaign.

Business Data

Over 3 million Business decision makers in our B2B Database.

B2C Email Lists

Highly targeted marketing lists from our consumer email databases.

B2B Email Lists

Get straight into your B2B prospect's inbox with B2B Email Lists.

Health Insurance Leads

Gain access to thousands of PMI customers with Health Insurance Leads or List Data.

Life Insurance Leads

Choose between freshly generated leads, data lists, and live transfer leads

Sky Satellite Leads & List Data

Consumers confirming, they watch SKY TV using a Satellite – Up to 450 Leads...

Utility Switching Leads

Choose between freshly generated leads and high quality data lists.

White Goods Warranty Leads

Consumers confirming the Age & Brand of their Refrigerator via Telephone...

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